They Know What Is What…(but they don’t know what is what)

The Bastard
15 min readDec 28, 2019


It’s easy to demonize people. It starts with a simple idea. A concept relating to your observations, based on your life experience and then, your gauge on societal norms.


I can conjure up any topic this very minute and you will immediately recall a reaction to that topic. The reaction will dictate what happens next. There are three possible outcomes: You will agree with the topic, drawing on whatever leanings prompted you to side on the pro. You will feign a reaction because you lack data to make an informed decision. You will strongly disagree, drawing on whatever leanings prompted you to the con.

Agreement is the cement that binds. There is no better feeling when in a room full of people who align and agree with you. The best example is a comedy club when you’re not quite sure the joke you heard was funny but a quick glance around the room tells you to pull the trigger and laugh your ass off.

The same can be said for politics. It’s fairly easy to assess your audience in a room by stating an opinion, publicly. It could be something as innocuous as saying — “make america great again.”

Now of course, I used this example knowing full well some of you are reading and have been immediately triggered to respond negatively to this comment. In a world of access, you can eliminate the middle reaction to the comment because everyone — and I mean everyone — has an opinion on this specific topic.

Where it gets interesting is in the opinion. There is little substance. When pushed, most people can’t tell you why it makes them angry except for the fact it conjures up images of a loud, obnoxious orange dude who says whatever is on his mind and who most certainly — is a racist. I’m pandering...

Trump to me is like any other politician. Except he’ll lie to your face and not deny it. He’s mastered the art of the politician, Trump style, and maybe that’s why we hate him all the more. He can’t even show the decency to smile and wink while he’s lying. But hey, he didn’t go to politic school. The years in the trenches, battling it out on a local level — saying and doing whatever it takes to be top dog. Some would say he didn’t earn his stripes to be the glossy, over-hyped and woefully inadequate leader Obama was. (pandering again)

This isn’t going to be about politics however.

Are you in control of your thoughts? Emotions? The way you react to a situation or another human being?

I’m going to quickly use a personal experience to lay out the thesis of this blog. Recently, I held a political position. It’s fair to say I lacked a clear understanding of what it means to be a politician. I thought the best route was to be transparent, open and most importantly — honest. I believed, in a very idealistic way that by putting nose to grindstone and addressing every issue my small group of individual voices would poise, there would be a modicum of success.

When people are conditioned for the lie…they tend to gravitate to the individual who doesn’t have a personal stake. That’s the person who makes it up as they go along. Why? Well, when you’re in a room of people conditioned for the lie and you tell them lies and you have no vested interest — the lies become truth. You become a kind of ritualistic hero of sorts. People buy in because in their minds, they think you (the one without a stake) has nothing to gain.

And so my painful journey into politics resulted in my nemesis stating the sky was pink. It was clearly blue but because I was the politician, people weren’t really interested in my observations. Over time, it eroded my sense of justice and enlightened me to the cruel and very real truth about the world we live in:

The World Is Not Fair

Once you accept this simple premise, everything else becomes easy. Maybe too easy. So without further delay, I’m going to lay out a bunch of theories you probably think you know better about but I’m here to tell you — you didn’t put the time in and you’re merely a puppet for the people who don’t have a personal stake in your beliefs.

Please save your angry rhetoric for the comments section below.

In the 1970’s — Iraq had beautiful beaches with equally beautiful people who were free to wander the white sand in skimpy bathing suits. They had one of the highest rates of secondary education on the planet and were by all means a peaceful and prosperous nation. While you spend a moment to think about this and whether or not you accept it as truth; I will send out a disclaimer that “google” is not all knowing and frequently lies to you based on algorithms the corporation use to dissuade and/or persuade billions of people around the globe. The immediate images google will show you are of what is imprinted in your mind: oppression, war, poverty and destruction.

In the early 1950’s, just after the war, Jews and Arabs lived side by side in thriving communities. They had an ideal lifestyle with excellent health care and education and pretty much mirrored the United States, post war. Today, you will only read about Hezbollah as the face of the Arab person in Israel. Your cognitive discourse is to immediately conjure up images of terrorists who bomb hospitals and schools. To believe anything other than this means you’re an anti-Semite. I often wonder what you would do if someone took your home, your way of life and demonized you. Would you shrug your shoulders and just accept that you are no longer considered a human being?

Again, if you’re looking to google for your education, you need first look up propaganda in the dictionary. Having a grasp of this and the world we currently inhabit will go a long way.

MK Ultra: Essentially, government mind control. A program put forth by the CIA that clearly drew out a plan to control the population through drugs, experimentation, torture and media manipulation. Universities, hospitals and the government all conspired right up until the 1970’s to find effective ways to keep the population in check. Google is actually forthcoming with some of this information but to understand the scope, you would have to do some digging into the actual documentation that is available through access to information.

Nasa: A space agency started, with the help of the US by ex German Nazis who were imported here after the war. (You can’t make this stuff up) The literal translation of Nasa means “to deceive” and there is google’s version and the actual translation from scripture. We are conditioned to believe the acronym is “national aeronautic space agency” which sounds plausible and is the simplest answer. Where it gets interesting is why the NASA logo has the serpents tongue going through it. I’m an Atheist btw with no vested interest in scripture.

The problem with questioning the validity of NASA however is you then question the American government and space travel, more importantly their claim to have landed on the moon. It would seem there was far more compelling information to suggest this wasn’t possible. But to discount man landing on the moon presents a host of problems that lay the foundation of our belief system in the last 40 years and also puts into question our universe, god and even the shape of the Earth. (more pandering on my part)

Operation Fishbowl: You should know this came just before NASA. The government along with private companies detonated nuclear war heads in the stratosphere. Some would call it the firmament. The explosions caused serious magnetic disturbances on Earth which played havoc with electronics. Some witnesses say it looked as if the bombs hit a wall in space and spread out across the sky in a myriad of colors. Wikipedia has a great source of references for this. Avco would enter into a partnership with NASA. Some would postulate the Fishbowl was the first initial attempt to get through the firmament. Some would say we have yet to breach it. Conjecture, purely.

Auguste Piccard was the first man to enter the stratosphere, in a balloon. 10 years ago, there was a plethora of information about this man and his observation about the shape of the Earth. Today, it is all gone and the only references are through his son who claims his father clearly saw the curve. Today, the only proof we have of a curve is that provided by government agencies like NASA and other world space agencies run by government.

To date, no agency and no private group (Elon Musk) has been able to give us one complete, uninterrupted stream of video or film showing the moment a rocket leaves Earth’s atmosphere. All images of Earth are composite because apparently, it is impossible to get high enough in space to take a photo of the Earth in its entirety. So, as with all planets; computers decipher colors and radiation to come up with the best guess of what it looks like. There are currently 10 accepted models of the Earth (google) from space and no two look alike. But hey, it’s a small detail.

You think you know the shape of the Earth but how? Did you study extensively? You went to space?

Like most of us, you learned it in school. The model globe was always on a desk in the classroom, starting at kindergarten. Everything having to do with space, our universe and our belief system starts with a belief the Earth is a giant, spinning rock traveling through the cosmos at 66,000 mph with the rest of our solar system. You believe. In fact, you believe so completely that any other idea drives you to the point of uncontrollable anger.

I don’t have that anger. I’m not sure what the Earth looks like. I’ve never been to space…not to be trite, it’s just a simple truth. Like all teachers, professors and people with degrees, their education started out when they were old enough to comprehend an idea. The fact that two powerful families (the 1% as you would) control all educational materials world wide and to insure the indoctrination is complete — also create the testing standards should raise some eyebrows. It doesn’t.

Imagine if your whole experience is based on teachings controlled by a few. You put eye to telescope and it matches what you saw in the book. Everything else is a best guess. Kind of like gravity. I won’t go too far down the rabbit hole by telling you the church built the first observatories and designed the first telescopes. I also won’t tell you there are only a handful of manufacturers of telescopes in the world and they all work off patents that were created 500 years ago.

Sure, you can create a crude telescope of your own but with the exception of the moon, everything else in the cosmos looks like light. That’s it. There is nothing to prove the planets are 3 dimensional…with the exception of composite images.

And here I sit with this information which proves nothing. It’s merely a different perspective based on questions I’ve asked. I’m not closed to the idea the Earth is round or the universe is exactly as prescribed. It may be and we’ll be better off for it…or will we? That’s just it. The shape of the Earth does not affect us as a society. The only reason I went down this rabbit hole was due to the extreme anger leveled at anyone questioning the accepted narrative.

What happens when you speak out against an idea? Have you tried it on a very basic level? Just with friends. Try it. Go to a party and tell them you’re an anti-vaxxer. It doesn’t matter if you are or if you aren’t. The conversation will turn sour quickly. There will be no questions, no curiosity. You will be met with that uncontrollable anger from people who now feel threatened.

There is plenty of evidence to suggest the big pharma companies (who pay out settlements in the billions) have put profit over humanity. We all know this. We all accept this truth. But, you must have every prescribed vaccine offered or you are akin to a serial killer. This is what mind control looks like.

People that speak out against things like vaccines, politicians and even celebrities, people who have a voice and the ability to convince others tend to end life in mysterious and unexplained ways. It’s not conjecture. The data is there. It takes time and dedication to filter it all and to also have an understanding of what is vetted and what is propaganda.

Hillary Clinton: There is the body count. Media won’t touch it. But people are keeping records, tracking the evidence that continues to mount. What is hard to ignore are those who spoke out against her or the Clinton’s and how they died. The media, snopes and wikipedia will all tell you it’s nothing but a conspiracy. The fact that so many have died and they all had information and/or a story that ties them to the Clintons goes beyond mere conspiracy.

The most recent would have to be Jeffrey Epstein. The evidence was there. High powered officials tied to his pedo island, including Clinton. He is able to kill himself in a prison, after a second attempt. Every single procedure that would normally be carried out was not. All evidence (video and likewise) has vanished. But hey, it’s just a conspiracy.

Kevin Spacey is the latest with a death count. Recently, 3 people have met their maker. The tie that binds is they hall made charges against Spacey. He’s a known pedophile in Hollywood circles.

Spirit Cooking: Sounds interesting, yes? marina abramovic is just an artist who likes to conjure up images in blood and calls on the dark arts with her celebrity friends (Jay Z is a notable) and she is well respected in both political and celebrity circles. Her imagery is readily available on google but it’s considered avant garde and cutting edge.

Pizza Gate, Marina, Podesta, The Clintons and hundreds of others all implicated. The media turns it into a joke and it’s relegated to the conspiracy files and only fools would come up with the wild ideas around a pizza restaurant that catered to pedo leanings. A famous journalist, Ben Swann went there and made a compelling argument for why it was real. His story was scrubbed off the net shortly after it aired and he vanished. There was no news around it — he simply didn’t exist anymore. His social media (800k on Twitter) and everything else wiped out.

He returned as mysteriously as he disappeared a year later like nothing had happened and no mention of pizzagate or the rampant pedophile rings in Hollywood.

Pay close attention to Hollywood these days. A variety of shows which make references to pedophilia and joke about it, make light. Again, we are being conditioned to accept. And with each passing year, people get less incensed with children being molested or attacked by child predators. Much like we get less worked up with each passing mass murder. It happens so often, it barely makes a full days news cycle.

Over 800,000 children disappear in the US every year. That’s 2000 per day. 115 of those are considered “stranger” abduction. Let that sink in.

Nothing is by chance. It’s all to prey on your mind. The Russians and the CIA cover most of it in various documents and trust me when I tell you (well, you don’t have to) it is ridiculously easy it is to manipulate your mind and, your memories. What you vehemently oppose today you will embrace tomorrow. What’s scary is you know it’s happening but you’re too busy looking for acceptance on your 8 inch screen from a stranger who cares as much for you as you do for that 4 year old who is currently being abused by a stranger.

The experts say it takes 15 to 20 years to reprogram your brain. What this means is in that short period of time, they could convince you that pedophilia is perfectly natural. Yuri Alexandrovich Bezmenov (please look for his video) was a part of the KGB and mind control, much like MK Ultra. He talks about the world we live in today based on what they were doing back then — he does a eerie job of predicting our future.

You are of the belief you would never succumb to such a thing. Yet, you consistently parrot the mainstream narrative and take offense to much of what I have written on this page. No, this does not pertain to all of you, but most.

I’m not smart. I’ve just spent a fair amount of time observing. Pushing the boundaries of conversation as far as I can to see what comes out. What I do know is I’m mostly alone on this planet. My mindset, the way I perceive and process information lumps me in with all the “nut jobs” and the “conspiracy” theorists. While we have compassion for people with actual mental health disorders and some would suggest this is what I have (yes, actually stated for the record) there is little patience for my particular views on the world.

Since we’ve come this far, it’s only fair I share my top conspiracy theories with you. Starting with the best:

911: It’s all about money and oil. The evidence is so astounding, to believe this was anything other than a inside job demonstrates the 15–20 year rule. Once you’re convinced of something, there’s nothing that will change your mind. Sadly, this includes evidence.

Boston Bombing and mass shootings: All theater of the mind. Fear is what they’re peddling. They were doing military drills during the Boston bombing and had crisis actors on site. They have been identified and if you dig deeply enough, you can see yourself. Las Vegas is probably the greatest example of how to perpetrate a hoax — you just say it enough and people will believe. I think a lie only has to be said 3 times before it becomes truth. It’s scary how much information is available to demonstrate it’s a hoax, including all the witnesses who are now dead, those who gave an account based on their actual observations. Stranger than fiction…and on another note, a large number of crisis actors were close by the day it happened.

Gun Control: It’s closely related to the above. What you have to understand is there is always a risk we’ll wake up and if we do, the government is at risk. When you understand that citizens who own licensed firearms outnumber police and military by the millions in North America should tell you why the government would want to take your gun. These carefully orchestrated false flag events are designed to get everyone on the same page when it comes to gun control but unlike vaccines, I don’t believe they are winning that battle.

The Mandela Effect: I believe this was an experiment to test us on a massive scale. The jury is out. Some of us believe one reality while others believe another. There’s no consistency which puts to question whether it was a matter of some of us leaving one timeline to come to another. I believe they were able to collect data from the online conversations to see how it affected different people — probably based on region and socio-economic means. What I’m saying here is that we were guinea pigs. Kind of like when they keep getting us to hand over the most recent picture we have for an application that ages us…just put us into the giant database with all of our information.

Flat Earth: Of course it is. If not, the flattest, biggest area on Earth would not be possible. It’s at the bottom of the ocean and covers over 9,000 square miles.

5G Network: Run, in the other direction

Bilderberg: politicians are made here. If you think Democracy is real and you have choice, then you should know what goes on. I think Trump is the only political figurehead that did not attend which would explain why the mainstream and the democrats are working so hard to discredit him. I don’t imagine it’s very often the people actually decide who will lead us.

Bohemian Grove: Grown men and women meeting in a forest to carry out ritualistic sacrifice. The common bond? They all have power, influence and position.

Agenda 21: Want to hide something? Hide it in plain sight. It’s the great social ruse created in 1992 under the guise governments want to be more environmentally sustainable. The long term goal is to push citizens into small footprints — cities that grow up in the air, rather than out. While it sounds great, initial models show cities where there are limited roads in and out and where citizens can’t own property. Essentially, giant prisons or, work camps as you will. Greta is here to push the message that the world is coming to an end. You believe it.

At the end of the day and what I want to state to you who are still invested enough to keep reading is this: Our minds are not ours. Even I struggle with this reality and, I question everything. But then again, I make decisions in daily life that seem almost programmed. Maybe that’s why so many millenials are having difficulty coping and are reliant on medication…they can see the Matrix, understand its purpose and realize there is no way out?

One thing is for sure, we wouldn’t want anyone catching on. Would we.